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Publish Dataset with dbt
Publish Dataset with dbt
Publish your dataset with dbt Core™ model in Promethium
Written by Nick Cox
Updated over a week ago

One of the three available ways to publish your dataset with Promethium is to publish as a dbt Model. Promethium makes working with dbt Core™ extremely easy. Just a few clicks, no coding or CLI. All the hard work is done for you.

dbt (data build tool) Core™ is an open source tool for data modification that uses select SQL statements. It allows you to construct complex models, use variables and macros (aka functions), run tests, generate documentation, and many more.

How to Publish dbt Core™ model

1. Select dbt Model. Look for the table name then click Edit.

2. Select Materialized Type > click Publish.

Once Published, click Done.

3. Run the model by clicking on Run button.

This step might take a few minutes. Don't close the screen while it is still loading.

Once done, it should show status: SUCCESS in the below table. You can also find duration in the below table.

4. Click on Done. Once the model is successfully published, you should be able to see it at the top part (depending on how you sorted the list) of the list in Data Explorer page.

To get a live preview, click on the model name then go to Samples tab.

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